Project Theatre

Fees 2019



Fees are easy and quick for everyone through our monthly and online banking system. 

We are committed to making Project Theatre accessible and affordable and fees arrangements are the minimal we can charge when taking into consideration costs and value for money compared with most other similar companies. We are very affordable and many other performance and other opportunities are extra or included and offered free or at reduced rates.

Please note: Along with fees there will be other costs involved including Tickets for productions, which a set amount must be purchased by members, a company t-shirt / polo shirt / hoodie and optional other merchandise will be available and as a member you will be required to assist with fundraising appeals including raffles etc.

Project / Programme Fees

Fees for one-off programmes or events that can be different every year such as Summer Drama and Collective are set based on the costs at the time and can usually be paid by online banking or in person by cash if needed.

Monthly Fees

Monthly Fee for Members of Youth Theatre and/or Inov8 Dance combines and includes:

  • Annual Membership Fee of approx. £20 to cover running costs

  • Approx. total number of £2 Weekly Fees for all rehearsals (including some Sundays for Youth Theatre) for throughout January – December

  • Show Fees which includes costumes costs of approx. £10-£15

These fees altogether calculate to £12 per month (for both Youth Theatre & Inov8 Dance) currently and will be a maximum of £144 per member for the year.

Paying in Instalments

Monthly Fees can be paid in instalments:

  • £12 each month for 12 months (January – December) for Youth Theatre

  • £12 each month for 12 months (January – December) for Inov8 Dance

How and when do I pay

You can set up a Standing Order or transfer money yourself each month by BACS online bank transfer.

Payments will be required by the 10th date of every month.  

f you are not able to make first payment on the 10th you can either pay your first month by one-off Bank Transfer or in one cash sum and next instalment can be made on 10th of the next month.

If you come for your first session and decide not to continue you will not be charged for this.

Paying in full or fewer instalments

Please note if you wish you can also pay the full yearly amount in January or in fewer instalments if you wish.  Please just make sure to notify us of this in advance so we don't chase you up when we don't see your monthly instalment there!  

Paying in cash in person at rehearsals

If you are not able to set up Standing Order or other online banking arrangement and would like to pay in cash in person temporarily at rehearsals please let us know and you may still be able to pay by the 10th of each month at Front Desk at rehearsals. Please note this can only be done at the start of rehearsals not at the end.  Receipts will be available.

Projects discount - Youth Theatre & Inov8 Dance

If you have more than one child in both Youth Theatre and Inov8 you will receive a discount of 50% on your total costs of one of the projects for the second, third child and so on etc.

Joining after January (Youth Theatre)

Membership is open to new members from January 9th and 6th February for Youth Theatre and 6th January for Inov8 Dance.  

Due to the monthly payment system if you join in February you will not be backdated charged for January.

Paying online via Standing Order or BACS

To make a Standing Order or BACS transfer each month our bank details are:

Account Name: Project Theatre
Bank: Bank of Scotland
Account Number: 06001944
Sort Code: 80-15-95

Reference: Please make sure to use your Child's name or family surname as reference if paying for more than one child.

  • For more help setting up a Standing Order go here

What happens if I leave and cancel my membership

If for whatever reason you no longer take part in Project Theatre you simply cancel your Standing Order for the next forthcoming monthly payment instalment.  If you leave after the 10th of a month and therefore the instalment has been paid, this will not be refunded.

What happens if I don’t / can't pay

If for whatever reason payment isn’t made by 10th of the month either because you forgot, were absent from rehearsals or online bank arrangements failed we will give you until the next instalment month to pay both.  If you are aware of non-payment you must let us know.

We cannot allow fees to run over after the next month instalment date unfortunately without notice and this may affect your participation in the current project and membership of the company.  

We have arranged this system to hopefully help allow you to budget easier in advance and pay automatically through online banking.  If you are experiencing financial hardship please let us know confidentially as soon as possible and we can arrange different instalments and payment plans.