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Stories shared so far

from past and present members, parents and volunteers

I have been a volunteer with PT since the beginning. PT is a fantastic group for kids to get involved with for shows and also for volunteers to gain experience, everyone is treated fairly and there is always a part for everyone to play.

I have seen the company grow from strength to strength over the years, performing to small crowds in Talbot House to filling the Falkirk Town Hall.

I help out at rehearsals on the run up to shows and I am part of the stage crew for the shows, moving props on and off the stage and helping out with other bits and bobs.

It’s amazing how everything just comes together (sometimes at the last minute) for the shows.

The buzz you get at Showtime is unbelievable and makes everyone’s hard work pay off !
— Mark Malloy

Hi my name is Callum Mack I have been in Project Theatre since January 2012 before that I had been talking different drama groups since I was about 5, my mum was searching the web for something new and that is when PT comes in.

I auditioned for various parts in there up comming show the wizard of oz.Once we all auditioned we all got told our parts Jamie the director annonced that I got the part KING OF THE MUNCHKINS.

I took this part very seroisly and put a lot of hard work into singing, dancing and also acting all of the work paid off as I as awarded STAR MEMBER for all my effort and I have never looked back since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats my PT story whats yours????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Callum Mack

“Me and my mum came to see Wizard of Oz back in May 2012 and loved the show was well performed by all cast members a great first show.

We can’t wait till your second show Back to the 80s in May 2013.

Good Luck with the Future PT.
Will use #myptstory on Twitter
— Andrew McVie

I joined PT last summer (for the Summer Fest to perform ‘Dreams’) after being rejected (AGAIN!) from other companies and oppertunities for not looking a certain way/ being confident enough, it was amazing to find a company that treats everyone equally and gives everyone a chance.

On my first day, I admitt I was rather terrified... but everyone was really nice, Steffan asked me my name and kept on calling me Amber until someone pointed out I was actually called Emily and everyone was looking over the photos from their last show, the Wizard of Oz and teasing eachother, Louise was really nice, telling me who everyone was and stuff. On that first day we had to improvise a short drama and I ended up in a group with Rebecca... after that I just couldnt stop laughing!!

One of my now best friends Hannah, was cast as the ‘casting director’ of the show and because an older girl dropped out, I ended up with the role of ‘casting assistant’ and after that I really felt like I belonged in the company!!

One of the best things about PT is that it is a group of (very) different people but we all love performing and work together to try our hardest to put on the best show possible! I cant wait to be Eileen in Back to the 80’s the Totally Awesome Musical!!! :D
— Emily Henderson
I started PT near the end of 2012 for the start or Back to the 80s and was in the company until I was too old to be a member, PT helped me gain so much confidence and I now am choreographer for the company and Inov8!
— Louise Brown